The Golden Age of YouTube Cooks

I think we're living in a sort of Digital Golden Age. It's the idea of living through a really good time in history. Whether that's a personal golden age or a collective one, we all go through periods of time where something just stands out as exceptional. And at the time, we might take it for granted and not realize how good it really is. It's often only in retrospect that we realized we went through a golden age.

I think we're in a golden age of YouTube cooking shows. These are my top picks.

Trinity Creators: Science, History, Technique

These cooks are diving deep into the science of cooking, where recipes come from, and the cultural aspects of food.

  1. Glen And Friends Cooking

  2. J. Kenji López-Alt

  3. Adam Ragusea


These cooks are pushing the limits of vegan technique.

  1. Sauce Stache

When it comes to experimentation, technique, and thinking outside-the-box, Sauce Stache is absolutely killing it. He gets major points for pushing the limits of vegan technique and building community in that space.

  1. Yessica Infante

Yessica is making some incredible looking Seitan with flawless technique.

My Favorites

These other channels are hard to classify, but these are some of my other favorites that are creating great content right now.

  1. Alex French

  2. Pro Home Cooks

  3. How to Drink


  5. Chinese Cooking Demystified

  6. Pretty Good Cooking

  7. CowboyKentRollins

  8. Xiaoying Cuisine