Sunglasses Coincidence

I recently went to Water World and experienced an odd series of events.

It all started at the Eagle River. I was wearing the cheap sunglasses which I absolutely love and the lifeguard told me to take them off before the ride. I put them in my pocket, which has a velcro flap. I must not have attached the velcro very well, because when I got to the bottom of the slide, my sunglasses were gone. Thankfully, my keys were still in my pocket.

Afterwards, I tried surfing and then went to Thunder Bay Wave Pool. I stayed for a cycle of waves and left afterwards. As I was leaving, I saw a pair sunglasses in the shallows of the pool. I picked them up and waved them around looking for the person who lost them. The person who had lost them was standing nearby and thanked me.

I then went back to River Country to ride the Gunnison River which was right next to the slide where I lost my sunglasses. While I was waiting in line, a man came down the slide and lost his gold chain. He was adamant that he find it and swam underneath the slide to search. The life guard told him to stop, but he kept going and insisted that it be found. Another lifeguard came and started searching for the chain below each of the slides. Just as I got a tube, I saw the lifeguard surface and set a pair of black sunglasses on the side of the pool. They were mine and I picked them up as I walked to the next slide.

The likelihood of these events happening is probably higher than I think, but even so, I think I'm fortunate to have get my sunglasses back.