Bindweed as an Indoor Ornamental Plant

Today I had this amazing idea. What if I was to harness the raw, unending power of bindweed in my indoor spaces? Think about it. Indoor bindweed makes perfect sense. It's impossible to kill. It will crawl up anything so it will make great topiaries. It doesn't care about light. It doesn't care about temperature. It doesn't care about how often you water it or if you water it at all. It is an anything plant. It's a zombie. A plant that can fill in any niche. It can grow big or it can grow small. And as long as you're careful and don't let it escape or go to seed, it will stay inside and in the place where you put it. I could be totally wrong but I'm going to experiment with this.

In case you haven't seen bindweed, it looks like this. And it's all over in Colorado. Usually where you don't want it.

Bindweed in a Terrarium

My first experiment was to put bindweed into a terrarium I made out of a carboy.

I haven't been using the terrarium and I theorized that bindweed wouldn't care how wet or dry or hot or cold it was in the terrarium or if there were other bacteria inside.

Bindweed in the Shower

For my second experiment I added a bindweed plant to the ledge of my shower. I don't imaging that it would mind getting too much water or splashes of soap. It might be the perfect shower plant.

Bindweed in Low Light

I also planted two bindweed plants by my front window where I usually keep the blinds closed. I wanted to see how much low light it would tolerate. One plant is in a drainage-free pot and the other is in an odd vase that my aunt made for me. It has almost no room for dirt and no drainage. So we'll see how that goes too.

There's something odd about giving love to a vampire plant. I went to the garden to get the plants and I pulled them up with such care. I wanted to be sure that my new housemates had undamaged roots and leafs. Haha! Like bindweed cares. I could probably have picked the smallest, sickliest plant or even a tiny sliver of zombie root and it would still be fine.

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