Bindweed as House Plant (Part 2)

In my previous post about bindweed I talked about how I was going to make bindweed an indoor plant. Perhaps I was a little too overly optimistic about what Bindweed would tolerate.

Bindweed in a Terrarium?

The bindweed that I transplanted into the terrarium has died. It did not survive and it has since disintegrated. Eaten up by some sort of mold or fungus inside the terrarium. However, after that experiment, I thought I would try planting from seed. I dropped a few bindweed seeds inside along with some potting soil and the plants have come up! The growth has stalled over the last two weeks, but other than that the plants appear to be healthy.

Bindweed in the Shower?

Unfortunately, the transplanted bindweed did not survive the shower. I also haven't had success growing from seed in the shower.

Bindweed in Low Light?

The transplanted bindweed in very low light did not survive.

Bindweed in a West Facing Window?

Setting aside the extreme experiments, I planted a seed in a west facing window and the plant is healthy! It is small right now, but we'll see how it progresses over time.